Full Membership
$65.00* Eligible to vote and hold office.
Social Membership
$65.00* Ineligible to vote or hold office.
*There is a one time $10.00 membership processing fee.


  • Scholarship Eligibility: Each year scholarships are awarded to members and/or children of members who are attending a two or four year college. Continuing Education scholarships are also available to members and children of members. You must be a member for at least one full year to apply. Sorry, grandchildren are not eligible.
  • Children’s Christmas Party : Children and grandchildren of members ages infant ~ 9 years..
  • Members Christmas Gathering
  • Officer’s Installation Complimentary Dinner
  • Discount rate for the ITAM Family Picnic
  • Discount rate for the New Year’s Eve Party
  • Complimentary Refreshments following our regular monthly meeting
  • ITAM Lodge 564 Monthly Newsletter
  • ITAM State Newsletter
  • ITAM National Magazine
  • $$$ SCHOLARSHIPS $$$

*Scholarship applications for high school graduates and Continuing Education students may be

obtained after April 1st at the ITAM Lodge #564 office between the hours of 10:00AM-2:00PM,

Monday through Friday.

Deadline for submitting applications:

High School  – May 15th; College – June 15th -

Applicants or their parents must be a member in good standing in the ITAM Lodge #564 for at least

one year.



For a Membership Application, please call, write or email.